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Woman on a highline Moab

Rachel S.

My friend and I had the luck of finding Faith while we were staying in Moab. What an incredible first high lining experience over the canyons! We wanted to find someone who knew what they were doing since it was our first time, and we were not disappointed.

I had no clue we would happen to be guided by someone who helped make the sport what it is today, broke world records and traveled the world with it, and now is making it accessible to so many

I appreciated Faith’s coaching style - encouraging, validating, humorous. Very effective in helping me move through the nerves. Like hanging out with an old friend, but with mad skills to teach you while you’re hundreds of feet above the canyon floor, looking out, looking down, and trying to keep focused and breathing!

It was exhilarating.

Besides that, Faith is building the kind of outdoor guiding company you want to invest in and you can feel good about - one that opens up some amazing landscapes and experiences to people who may never otherwise have access while doing it in a deliberately environmentally responsible way. Faith is the real deal.

Two Women Canyoneering in Entrajo

Alicia M. 

I’ve had the supreme pleasure of several experiences with Elevate outdoors. Faith is an incredible guide. Makes you feel capable and safe without sounding like a robot reciting safety practices. So many guides in general sound like robots. Going on an adventure with Faith, is getting to learn from someone so experienced and knowledgeable, you forget you are taking any risk because she puts your mind at ease immediately. I recommend this to any and everyone. Can’t wait for more adventures! A++++

A man smiles with climbing gobies.

Jack G.

Faith is a pioneer in the sport of slack lining, having traveled the world bringing the sport to many including myself.


I am disabled w a spinal cord injury and despite this, she was able to not only get me on a slack line, but was able to explain the nuances of the sport that resulted in me being able to walk from end to end w very little assistance which is unheard of for someone with my disability.


On top of being incredibly knowledgeable in the sport, she is also kind, an expert in the Moab area (having lived there for years), and a single pitch instructor climbing guide.


 A woman of endless talents!


She is someone I would recommend to anyone and is a 10/10 human as I like to say :)

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