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The Skywalk

Walk a Highline hundreds of feet in the sky with no prior experience! With our state of the art rigging system we have made Highlining accessible to everyone. Feel the incredible sensation of standing in space, between cliffs, learning to breathe and navigate fear. Walk where normally only birds fly. This experience is one of a kind, giving you prolonged exposure to the sensation of walking off a cliff!

Step into the void

With our signature Top-Rope Highline Setup, you not only have a redundant Highline you are attached to, but also an entirely redundant above-head system that you are also tethered to. With hand-lines to hold onto, you can easily walk a Highline, as the hand line slides along with you attached to a pulley overhead. Our standard harness for the Skywalk is an industrial strength full body harness, however we do offer regular climbing harnesses as well. 

What happens if you fall? A gentle drop into the above-head leash lets you dangle next to the Highline, where you can try your hand at getting back on, or our guide will clip a rope to you and pull you back to the cliff. 

The Skywalk can also provide useful training-wheels for getting into highlining, allowing you to utilize the hand line to practice standing up from sitting, or walking out onto the line and letting go. It can be more than just a shortcut, but rather a stepping stone for building Highline skills. 

We are the nations first and only Highline guiding service, and currently are the only ones offering this unique Top-Rope Highline experience. We take pride in being able to share this unique experience with a wider range of people, especially those with different physical needs who might benefit from this setup. Through the Skywalk we were able to facilitate the first Spinal-Cord-Injury Highline crossing. 

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