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ABOUt Faith Dickey

Passionate About Exploring Fear, Teaching and Creating Access

My name is Faith Dickey (she/her), and I am the owner of Elevate Outdoors, a premier guiding service in Moab, Utah. My company offers premier guiding services that include climbing, canyoneering and a brand-new activity on the market: Highlining. I am excited to not only be a woman-owned and operated business, but also to bring the experience of Highlining to everyone. I started Slacklining in 2008, and broke my first world record in the sport in 2009. Following that I set multiple world records in Slacklining and Highlining, became a professional athlete, founded the Women's Highline Meeting, starred in many TV and Film productions, and helped establish Highlining on a global scale. I am extremely fortunate to have been one of the first professional highliners, and a key player in the growth of the sport. I was the first person to walk a highline in high heels, the first woman to free solo a highline (walk without a safety tether), the first woman to cross the 100 meter mark in highlining, and at various times leveled the playing field with men and shared world records with my male counterparts. I was the undefeated women's world record holder in Highlining for 6 years, and the undefeated women's solo record holder for 12 years. 

I am an avid explorer of the intersection of self-development and outdoor sports, using Highlining as a catalyst to examine fear, self-doubt, ego, and intuition. I have learned a lot about treating fear as a worried friend, rather than an enemy, and in the process cultivated a method of engaging with fear that involves self-kindness and teachable physical and mental techniques. 


Elevate Outdoors is a company that is born from my expertise, my passion, and my history in the sport of Highlining. Since moving to Moab I have cultivated my skills as out an outdoor guide, attaining higher levels of Climbing Instructor certifications, exploring more canyons and designing a highline system that enables even people with no slackline experience to cross a canyon!


A large part of my passion lies in helping people overcome fear and learn useful techniques for navigating mental barriers, getting more women outside, and sharing the intersection of being outdoors with being in the moment, and ultimately, helping people feel alive. I aim to empower others by helping them expand their limits and learn what they are capable of, one step at a time. I am passionate about land-stewardship, teaching clients about the history of these areas, and the local ecosystems, with LNT principles and respect for indigenous history as a guiding force in my operation. Community is extremely important to me, and I started my business for tourists and locals alike.


One arm of my business is specialized rope access and edge protection for film shoots in Moab, a fast-growing industry that often requires knowledgeable riggers to secure camera crews in high-angle environments. When your crew needs to get the shot, let us keep you safe while doing so! 


With over 14 years of Highlining and Rigging experience, as well as multiple former world records, I am confident in my ability to create unique, leading-edge roped experiences that people can feel empowered walking away from. 

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  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor

  • AMGA Rock Guide Apprentice

  • Wilderness First Responder + CPR Certified

  • ISA Rigging Certified

In The Media:

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  • 10+ time World Record holder for women in Highlining, Undefeated Female World Champion for over 6 years

  • First Woman to pass the 100 meter mark in Highlining

  • First Woman to Free Solo Highlines,

  • Undefeated Female Free Solo Champion for 14 years

  • Founder of the Women's Highline Meeting 

  • TV appearances include Discovery, Travel Channel, National Geographic, Netflix and CNN

  • TedX Talk on Fear


Faith Dickey

Aside from running a guiding business, Faith can be booked for TV and Film, Performances, Stunts, Interviews, Writing, Public Speaking, Workshops, and more. Below are just a few of the services I provide:

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