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Beginner Highline course

Are you interested in learning to Highline but want to know the best practices for starting out? Want to be sure you can get yourself on and off the line independently? Or maybe you just want a safe, beginner Highline all to yourself for a day! Let our expert guide teach you to Highline in an iconic Moab location!

Learn the BASICS

Guide Faith Dickey has been a professional Highliner for 15 years, held multiple world records in the sport, and was the first woman to practice Free Solo Highlining. She has an extensive background in Highlining and teaches a methodology that revolves around self-kindness, gentle paradigm shifts, and pushing our comfort zones in a sustainable way for utmost longevity in the sport. 


What to expect: Through personalized coaching, we will start the day by installing a beginner Highline, with brief explanations of Highline rigging. After the line is ready, we will cover a wide variety of Highline skills, such as tying your leash on correctly, mounting the Highline, doing a sit start, standing up, walking, falling, and leash climbing. We will also discuss various mental tips and techniques for navigating fear, nervousness and general mental barriers. 

This course is customized to meet you where you are at, and provides expert observation of your movement and useful micro adjustments you can make for quicker success. You can expect to make a lot of progress, but also be exhausted! A full day of highlining is physically demanding, but rewarding. Expect to take several breaks between sessions to drink water, rest and eat. 

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